Get Clean this Spring Using Non-toxic Goat Milk Castile Soap!

Get Clean this Spring Using Non-toxic Goat Milk Castile Soap!

Posted by The Roam Team on Apr 16th 2019

Snow is almost gone, the grass is greening, We’ve been busy doing our spring cleaning, The new kids are here, fresh milk is flowing, Making more soap to keep your skin glowing!

The saanen girls are no longer camouflaged in the Adirondack snow cover. Here they are stretching their long, slender legs, seeking out those fresh blades of grass that are finally turning green again. It's beautiful to see all the mothers and babies out on the pasture. People driving, biking, and walking by like to watch them from the road and we are glad we can bring a little joy to our neighbors and other travelers. The little kid in the picture is nursing from her Mama and will be for a few months. We're thankful her mom makes enough milk for her baby and some more to share with us. Happy spring from Roamstead Naturals!

What better time than spring for a fresh start or clean beginning? If you're ready to ditch the detergents and are looking for non-toxic personal care products, our unscented, handcrafted goat milk castile soap is made with organic olive oil and can be found at local stores in New York's Mohawk Valley or ordered here on our website.

We're thinking of offering powdered, well more like granulated, soap for those of you using it for general all purpose cleaning and laundry. Let us know if you are interested.